Producer: Wild Tales Productions 

Produced: 2020      Format: HD + 4K

Languages: English, German 

This is the story of a beautiful wild Przewalski horse foal born on the Hungarian plains called the Puszta.

The Puszta is the home of the largest herd of this rare wild horse species. Some decades ago the Przewalski horses nearly went extinct in their original habitat, the wide Mongolian landscape. The remaining few animals found a new home on the famous steppes of Hungary where they started to thrive on the largest plains of Central Europe.

The herd now counts almost 300 animals and it is a web of different horse families, interwoven through close relations, true friendships and strong alliances.

Filmed over a three years period by an award-winning team, the film is a journey into their secret world, told through the eyes of the growing baby horse. Many other iconic animals of the grasslands will make their appearance as well, like the Great Bustard, the Aurochs, giant spiders and many more.