Wild Holland - The Living Delta

2 x 52’ or 1 x 90'

Producer: EMS Films 

Produced: 2017      Format: HD

Languages: Dutch, English 

The film celebrates the diverse natural heritage of the Dutch delta region while sketching the cultural context that has played such a vital part in shaping it. Using cutting edge cinematic techniques ranging from eagle’s eye aerial views to unprecedented underwater scenes, 'Wild Holland - The Living Delta' presents a portrait of this unique wetland area of Europe as never seen before, capturing it in an important moment of change - a time when new life is flooding back into the delta. Sweeping scenes that capture the beauty of these waterways are contrasted with intimate eye-opening portraits of the animals that live there. The film explores the delta through the eyes of five main characters: the white tailed sea eagle, the beaver, the hare, the stickleback and the large scarce blue butterfly. Each animal gives us access to a different facet of the delta: from the macro to the micro, from mysterious underwater worlds to panoramic aerial views.

Episode 1: The Living Delta
Episode 2: Below Sea Level

Broadcaster: VARA