Producer: Taglicht Media 

Produced: 2016      Format: HD

June 2015: Volkswagen sells 5.04 million vehicles in the first six months of the year and becomes the world’s largest automaker, 77 years after its founding. Three months later: The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announces that for years VW has manipulated emission test results by installing 'defeat device' software. Two events in three months - rarely have rise and fall of a big company been so close to one another. And now we know: VW’s place on the winner’s podium was a result of cheating pollution emissions. How could this happen? And why did no one prevent it?

The film tells the story of Volkswagen and the history of a scandal. It recalls the founding of the car company by Adolf Hitler and its resurgence after the war, and reveals the interaction of politics, trade unions and management influence, coupled with the Führer principle, bribery scandals and misunderstandings that led to its downfall. The film gives us an understanding of how fraud becomes endemic within a major German company, driven by its mission to become the world leader, at any costs.

Languages: English, German 

Broadcaster: ZDF, arte