The Mystery of San Nicandro

1 x 52' & 1 x 68'

Producer: Matter of Fact Media 

Produced: 2013      Format: HD

The Mystery of San Nicandro is a powerful film that strikes at the core of human identity. At first glance, it is a compelling story that unfolded in Fascist Italy, of a simple Italian man, Donato Manduzio, who had a mystical vision that resulted in the only mass conversion to Judaism in modern history. But it is much more: today, there is an extraordinary revival of Judaism in southern Italy. Synagogues have opened in Calabria and Sicily for the first time in 500 years - centuries after the Spanish Inquisition forced Jewish communities to convert to Catholicism or flee. North Americans are fuelling this revival as they travel to the most Catholic country to explore their Jewish roots. As the great popularity of ancestry sites on the web confirms, this film will speak to our collective human desire to discover our origins. 

Languages: English 

Broadcaster: CBC