Producer: Klaus Scheidsteger & Die Schneiderei 

Produced: 2016      Format: HD

"Too big to fail" - the cell phone industry has developed at incredible speed. Within a few years, mobile phones have become a leading and irreplaceable communication technology, making mobile telephony one of the most powerful industries in the world. The technological revolution rolls on unstoppably: today, we have more cell phone contracts in the Western world than people.

The levels of cell phone radiation have increased proportionately and continue to do so. However, while the success of the industry is obvious, the radiation is invisible. Is it a possible carcinogen? Do the current safety standards, defining radiation threshold values, protect us? What problems do researchers face when conducting studies in this area and why?

'Thank You for Calling' does not only investigate the serious indications of potential health risks, but above all else tries to discover why this research has seen very little light within any public forums. On the basis of facts, insiders and renowned protagonists the film reconstructs a major strategy of the mobile industry, making it a David versus Goliath type battle.  

Languages: English, German