Producer: Planet Alive Films 

Produced: 2018      Format: HD

Many predators prefer to go out hunting when the moon is high in the sky. And that’s the moment when our protagonist makes her appearance: She’s the Queen of the Night. Hidden in the darkness, she moves with feline agility, even though she isn’t a cat. She’s an astute carnivore that adapts very well to almost any ecosystem. Besides an excellent sense of smell, her hearing and vision are exceptional. She is extraordinarily agile as she climbs trees and is able to slip inside thick bushes with amazing ease. And one of her favourite foods are the little birds that seek refuge in the vegetation at night. This is the story of the genet, the Queen of the Night.


- The Forest of the Centenarian Oak Trees
- Winter Time
- The Queen of the Night
- The Armoured Warrior
- The Hidden Inhabitants of Sierra Morena
- Spring Tales 

Languages: English