Producer: Planet Alive Films 

Produced: 2018      Format: HD

In this land where the temperatures in summer often surpass 30º Celsius, life during the hottest months of the year gets particularly complicated. In some areas that receive barely 500 millimetres of rain per year, fresh water is frequently hard to find. Most of the trees that populate the area have thick, resistant leaves, designed to preserve water during the hot summer weather. Many animal species have been forced to adapt to this semi-arid Mediterranean climate by reducing their size and altering their shape. But quite to the contrary of what you might expect, this is a biodiversity hot spot. We’re in the Sierra Morena.


- The Forest of the Centenarian Oak Trees
- Winter Time
- The Queen of the Night
- The Armoured Warrior
- The Hidden Inhabitants of Sierra Morena
- Spring Tales 

Languages: English