Producer: Planet Alive Films 

Produced: 2017      Format: HD

The European lush forests are the perfect habitat for a huge but shy animal – the wild boar. We follow the lives of two boar siblings. At six months old, they enjoy a quiet and peaceful life, along with other animal species that share their environment. But with the arrival of autumn, the forest begins a deep transformation, a transformation all life has to adapt to, or it will not survive. We will witness the changes experienced by our protagonists when a real predator arrives: Wolves have reached this quiet corner in the forest, and one of their favourite preys are boars. What will happen to our siblings having to face these cunning and relentless pack animals? Discover the most intimate stories that take place in the depths of the forest: stories of life and death, of survival, and even of love and hate.


- The Forest of the Centenarian Oak Trees
- Winter Time
- The Queen of the Night
- The Armoured Warrior
- The Hidden Inhabitants of Sierra Morena
- Spring Tales 

Languages: English