Producer: Planet Alive Films 

Produced: 2017      Format: HD

Did you know that there are only two temperate zones on our planet that actually experience spring time? What seems like the most normal of events to most of us is an actual miracle of nature. It is the re-birth of life in its most glorious form. In spring, as the days grow longer, the light conquers the dark, and warmth defeats the cold. Follow us on a springtime adventure and experience the re-emergence of new life in the Mediterranean Basin, one of the planet’s most biologically rich and complex regions. We’ll be able to see how the forest inhabitants live through the spring: their fears and worries, hopes and joys, weaving their stories together into a single spring symphony. They are spring tales.


- The Forest of the Centenarian Oak Trees
- Winter Time
- The Queen of the Night
- The Armoured Warrior
- The Hidden Inhabitants of Sierra Morena
- Spring Tales 

Languages: English