Producer: Längengrad Filmproduktion 

Produced: 2022      Format: HD

Languages: English, German, French 

The series discovers projects around the world in which humans are helping to restore and strength- en nature. An undertaking ever more important in times of global pandemics, climate change and species extinction. Whether rainforests or coral reefs, river courses or marshlands: while bad news about the state of our planet mount up, these visionary and bold projects show that it is possible to counteract the destruction. But it’s not enough to just plant some more trees. To make use of and stimulate nature’s powers of resistance, we must understand the interplay and changes in the complex ecosystems that shape our planet. Wonderful, species-rich biotopes can then be revivedand forti ed against outside in uences. The result is called resilience. The series shows that there’san alternative to resignation: it’s time to seek a new relationship with nature – by resurrecting Eden.

Finished episodes:

- The Inn - Renaturing an Alpine River

- Curaçao - The Coral Rescuers of the Caribbean

- The Return of the Peatlands

Coming soon:

Malaysia - New Hope for the Tropical Forest 

Broadcaster: ZDF, arte