Producer: Fact+Film, Oak3 films, MDA 

Produced: 2008      Format: HD

Languages: English, German, French 

The season of tropical cyclones lasts from May to October. They pass northwards over Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea to Japan, leaving in their path incredible swaths of devastation, death, and billions of dollars worth of damage. These storms are highly unpredictable, as they can suddenly change direction for no apparent reason.

In December 1945, while attacking the Japanese main islands, modern American aircraft-carriers steamed right into heavy typhoons. A disaster that led the US Marine to set up the first forecasting system. Still, for decades scientists did not manage to forecast typhoons precisely.

The typhoon season of 2004 alone cost Japan the equivalent of 1.14 billion euro. Could a more accurate forecast have reduced the damages considerably? 

Broadcaster: arte, RB