Producer: Längengrad Filmproduktion, Grenouilles Productions 

Produced: 2022      Format: HD + 4K

Languages: English, German, French 

It is a pantry, love nest and sometimes a battlefield: A normal vegetable garden. A garden where insects, spiders and mollusks find refuge, because the gardener renounces all poisons. Suddenly, a species-rich world opens up that no one expects - full of big and small dramas. The film shows the maternal instinct of an earwig, the battle between ichneumon wasps and caterpillars, the daily life in the court of the bumblebee queen and the love game of snails. A world full of small wonders that could take place in every vegetable garden. With unique macro and slow-motion shots, this is a nature film of a special kind: a beautiful cinematic appeal for more biodiversity on our own doorstep. 

Broadcaster: SWR, arte