1 x 52', 1 x 90' or 1 x 30'

Producer: Berlin Producers 

Produced: 2016      Format: HD

Languages: German, English 

The current refugee crisis has caused a reaction across the world. As their home countries have become increasingly unlivable, hundreds of thousands from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria and Eritrea choose to undergo a difficult journey, leaving their families and old lives behind, in search of basic safety and freedom.
In some cases, the mobile phone fulfilled the role of a constant companion and became a quintessential tool to facilitate one’s escape. This has lead many to document their experiences.
Refugees are no longer mere faceless subjects of news reports - they are sharing their experiences over social media. Thousands of clips, recorded on mobile phones, are uploaded online and depict the happenings much more viscerally than a classic documentary ever could.
‘#MyEscape’ shows the refugee crisis through the refugees’ eyes. The content is made by the people themselves, whilst on the refugee trail or in the camps, and supported by in-depth interviews with the creators of the material.


Broadcaster: WDR, Deutsche Welle