Producer: k22 Film  

Produced: 2019      Format: HD + 4K

Languages: English, German, French 

A land of ancient lore, known as part of the ‘Cradle of Civilization’, where the technologies and belief systems were first kindled that would shape and direct world history, Israel might just hold the keys to its flourishing in the millennia to come.

In a naturally dry and unforgiving environment, resilience and perseverance were the qualities that not only allowed survival but fostered an innovative spirit that has been fundamental to life here as far back as history allows us to see. 11,000 years ago, domesticated agriculture had its beginnings here. Nowadays it boasts the most tech start-ups per capita in the world. It is where ingenuity has often taken precedence over pure labor, but it is also a place that seeks equilibrium in the natural order, understanding that while the man may master nature, he is nevertheless still its custodian.

Through the sweeps of history, the two episodes look at how the Animal, Mineral, Vegetable, and Human Kingdoms interact and intersect to make Israel a Cradle of the Future.

- The South: Salt of the Earth
- The North: Sea and Stone 

Broadcaster: ZDF, arte