Greece! The Islands

5 x 52' / 10 x 26'

Producer: Taglicht Media 

Produced: 2013      Format: HD

Languages: English, German 

From lush green forests to snow-capped mountains, from towering cliffs to bare sandbars, the Greek islands are a land of unmatched natural beauty. The islands also have seen Europe’s earliest civilizations, its philosophical founders and its greatest battles. State-of-the-art aerial filming technology takes the audience to hidden coves, volcano craters, and whitewashed monasteries. On the ground olive-farmers, monks, shepherds, ferrymen and sculptors - ordinary people living in exceptional places - give original insights into historical buildings, sacred places and, last not least, culinary traditions that have affected Europe for centuries.

Season 1: Greece! The Islands


- The Cyclades
- Dodecanese
- Crete
- Peloponnese
- Ionian Islands

Also available:

Season 2: Greece! From the Mountains to the Shoreline


- Epirus
- South Coast & Attica
- Thessaly
- Thessaloniki & Chalkidikí
- Eastern Macedonia & Thrace 

Broadcaster: ZDF, arte