Producer: Taglicht Media 

Produced: 2016      Format: HD

Languages: English, German 

From lush green forests to snow-capped mountains, from towering cliffs to bare sandbars, Greece is a land of a natural beauty rivalled only by its historic relevance. It has seen Europe’s earliest civilizations, its philosophical founders and its decisive battles. Spectacular aerial images of this unique part of Europe show scenic bays, breath-taking mountains, wild river deltas, picturesque villages and monasteries. The landscapes we see are allowed to breathe and tell their stories. Everyday stories of the people on the ground, who live and work here, create a balance to the bird´s eye view and invite the audience to experience the most authentic of Greek culture. Fishermen, monks, sculptors - ordinary people living in exceptional places - give original insights into historical buildings, sacred places, ancient traditions and culinary traditions, which have affected Europe for centuries.

Season 1: Greece! The Islands


- The Cyclades
- Dodecanese
- Crete
- Peloponnese
- Ionian Islands

See also: Season 2: Greece! From the Mountains to the Shoreline

- Epirus
- South Coast & Attica
- Thessaly
- Thessaloniki & Chalkidiki
- Eastern Macedonia & Thrace 

Broadcaster: ZDF, arte