Producer: Medienkontor Winterberg & Nagel  

Produced: 2018      Format: HD

Child trafficking happens, and it is not somewhere remote but right in the heart Europe. Although it is a very current topic, it is not relevant in politics. As if this wasn’t quite shocking enough, the sheer amount of individuals involved is mind-blowing. More than 100,000 people, most of them young women and children, will become victims of human trafficking in Europe alone each year. What seems like a plot from a bad movie has actually grown into a multi-million business for traffickers and often goes with other, equally serious crimes. But it is a fact that no other "good" can be sold as profitable, even compared to guns or drugs. Little girls and boys held as slaves, sent to beg or steal, sold into prostitution — is this really what is happening in Europe right in front of our doorsteps?

This investigative documentary goes deep into the dark world of human trafficking, speaking to both traumatised victims and the persecutors. Quite often, it turns out, the victims are from poorer countries and are being sold in the EU. But how easy is it actually to "order" a child? We follow leads inside the darknet, we spend time with police posing as interested parties and speak with those who have been able to find a new life with the help of organisations rescuing children from exploitive situations. 

Languages: English, German, French 

Broadcaster: NDR, arte, Radio Canada