Producer: berlin producers  

Produced: 2016      Format: HD

Riegersburg Castle is one of the largest castles in Austria and in the ownership of Prince Emanuel von und zu Liechtenstein. The Lichtenstein dynasty belongs to one of the oldest aristocratic houses in Europe.
Dr. Prinz Emanuel von und zu Liechtenstein is part of the family that have settled in Austria. The only noble family that is not affected by the Law of Nobility Abolishment in Austria as it enjoys the nationality of its own Principality of Lichtenstein.
With a select party of a few friends, Prince Emanuel and his wife Princess Sonja are celebrating their 8th wedding anniversary in the ‘white hall’ of the castle, and arte also has an exclusive invitation. The carefully put together menu will be realised by starred-chef Hans-Peter Fink.

About the series:

A culinary lifestyle show with a royal difference. In stately homes and royal palaces we will learn about the fine tradition and glamour of the most distinguished kitchens and dining tables around the world.

Available episodes:

Italy - Piedmont (Castle San Martino Alfieri)
France - Loire (Château du Lude)
Germany - Bavaria (Thurn & Taxis, St. Emmeram Palace)
Denmark - Langeland Island (Tranekær Castle)
Austria - Styria (Riegersburg Castle)
UK - Northumberland (Chillingham Castle)
Italy – Emilia-Romagna (Castello di Scipione)
Spain – Madrid / Castilla-La Mancha (Palacio El Rincón)
Belgium – Limburg (Hex Castle)
Hungary – Tokaj Wine Region (Patricius Winery) 

Languages: German, French, English  

Broadcaster: ZDF, arte