Producer: berlin producers 

Produced: 2015      Format: HD

The glorious Baroque castle, belonging to the sisters San Martino di Germano, lies in the picturesque Piedmont hillside, between Asti and Alba. For as long as anyone can remember, wine cultivation has always been the main enterprise in San Martino Alfieri. Still today, the steep slopes of the Alfieri estate are home to grapes of the highest quality.
The Alfieri Castle offers copious room for the families of the three sisters - Emanuela, Antonella and Giovanna San Martino di San Germano. Until 1983, this was the home of their unmarried aunt, known locally as „La Tota“ – the old maid – who still lends her nickname to one of the estate’s wines.
After her morning ride, the house-keeper Isella Zanutto makes a discovery in the library: the dining sequence of a menu dating back to 1783, when the King came to visit the castle. When she tells the three sisters about her find, the decision is made to emulate the dining sequence, or at least a part of it. They shall invite illustrious guests from the European aristocracy to enjoy the feast with them.

About the series:

A culinary lifestyle show with a royal difference. In stately homes and royal palaces we will learn about the fine tradition and glamour of the most distinguished kitchens and dining tables around the world.

Available episodes:

Italy - Piedmont (Castle San Martino Alfieri)
France - Loire (Château du Lude)
Germany - Bavaria (Thurn & Taxis, St. Emmeram Palace)
Denmark - Langeland Island (Tranekær Castle)
Austria - Styria (Riegersburg Castle)
UK - Northumberland (Chillingham Castle)
Italy – Emilia-Romagna (Castello di Scipione)
Spain – Madrid / Castilla-La Mancha (Palacio El Rincón)
Belgium – Limburg (Hex Castle)
Hungary – Tokaj Wine Region (Patricius Winery) 

Languages: German, French, English 

Broadcaster: ZDF, arte