Cuisine Royale

14 x 26'

Producer: Berlin Producers 

Produced: 2014 - 2018      Format: HD

Languages: German, French, English 

A culinary lifestyle show with a royal difference. In stately homes and royal palaces we will learn about the fine tradition and glamour of the most distinguished kitchens and dining tables around the world.

Episodes available:

Italy - Piedmont (Castle San Martino Alfieri)
France - Loire (Château du Lude)
Germany - Bavaria (Thurn & Taxis, St. Emmeram Palace)
Denmark - Langeland Island (Tranekær Castle)
Austria - Styria (Riegersburg Castle)
UK - Northumberland (Chillingham Castle)
Italy – Emilia-Romagna (Castello di Scipione)
Spain – Madrid / Castilla-La Mancha (Palacio El Rincón)
Belgium – Limburg (Hex Castle)
Hungary – Tokaj Wine Region (Patricius Winery)
Romania – Royal Court (Elisabeta Palace)
India - Jaipur (City Palace)
Austria - Lower Austria (Artstetten Castle)
Sweden - South Sweden (Skarhult Castle)  

Broadcaster: ZDF, arte