Circus Stories

5 x 43'

Producer: Matthey Film 

Produced: 2011      Format: HD

Languages: English, German 

What is the secret of communication between man and animal and especially the close relationship between a wild animal and a dedicated trainer? For the first time ever we show amazing and amusing experiments: how do elephants react, when they see themselves in a giant mirror, lions and tigers compete in an intricate food box experiment, and sea lions reveal their incredible balancing capacities – in super slow motion... Elegant horses, nervous zebras and clever donkeys as well as dogs and cats show their amazing cognitive capacities. Predators are tested for stress hormones, for example when travelling to the prestigious International Circus Festival Monte Carlo.

Intimate observations behind the scenes of international circus rings are backed by studies in the wild.


Living with Lions
Elephants in the Mirror
The Super Senses of Sea Lions
The Horse in the Bed
Lessons for Dog & Cat 

Broadcaster: arte