Producer: Marco Polo Film AG 

Produced: 2014      Format: HD

Languages: German, English 

Winter casts a very special, magical spell. It’s a time for traditions and customs: snowmen come to life, Santas wander through brightly-lit Christmas markets, much to the delight of the children.

But indigenous animal life pays no heed to this human idyll. For them, winter is a time of austerity. Squirrels, boars and lynx all have their own strategy for surviving the winter. But despite an amazing ability to adapt, the fight for survival is hard – and can often only be won with the help of human beings.

The film takes us on a journey through wintry Germany - underscored by a childlike enthusiasm for the cold season. Snow-covered fairy-tale landscapes, unusual wildlife stories and touching tales about animals create a special heart-warming winter atmosphere that not even adults can escape:

Contemplative, amusing and fascinating all at the same time, the film lyrically illustrates the charm of an enchanting Christmas Winter Wonderland. 

Broadcaster: WDR