Producer: Fruitmarket Kultur & Medien 

Produced: 2010      Format: HD

Languages: English, German 

Chandani wants to become a mahout. Her father has no son to pass on the family knowledge, so he gives her responsibility for the young elephant Kandula. Being the first girl in a male profession, everyone doubts her abilities. Only the ranger Mohammed supports her. He shows her the world of wild elephants. Here they save an elephant baby from its certain death. Strengthened by this experience Chandani progresses tremendously in the work with her little elephant Kandula. As the first female in history she participates with Kandula in a Perahera-Procession. But Kandula is taken away from her and her path changes...

Winner of the German Film Award "LOLA" for Best Children's Film 2011 

Broadcaster: arte / SWR