Producer: Berlin Producers, Kensington, preTV 

Produced: 2017      Format: HD

Languages: English, German, French 

What if the greatest high-performance athletes – present and past – could compete against each other on a level playing field? If competitive conditions were equalized, would today's stars come out on top? Or would they be beaten by the heroes of the past? In the original one-hour documentary, 'The Equalizer', we set out to reveal the answer. What that program did for summer sports, 'Champions vs. Legends' does for athletic events on ice and snow. For events that span skiing, bobsledding, speed skating, hockey and Paralympic sit-skiing, renowned sports scientist Steve Haake investigates whether today's champions are really better than those of the past, or whether they get their edge from modern sports technology. In each matchup between a modern and a legendary hero, the result is enlightening and unpredictable. 

Broadcaster: SWR, arte, ORF, CBC