Producer: berlin producers 

Produced: 2014      Format: HD

Languages: English, German 

When the first news of Ebola went public in West Africa in March 2014, nobody anticipated the impact the epidemic would have in the following months. The German Medicine student Nicolas Aschoff became a direct witness of the outbreak and first lethal cases in Sierra Leone. At the same time Monrovia-based journalist Rennie Ledgerhood observed the rapid spread of the epidemic in Liberia. Many West Africans believe that Ebola is a lie and have to be convinced of its existence by social workers like George Mansaray in Freetown. In August 2014 Ebola became an undeniable threat. Anja Wolz from Doctors Without Borders accounts of overcrowded hospitals where lethally ill patients are denied treatment. In fall 2014, the international community started to take action against the disease. Raphael Marcus from disaster relief service Humedica reports on the current situation in West Africa. By using personal video footage and focusing on personal experiences, this video diary offers previously unknown insights into the Ebola epidemic.