Producer: Längengrad Filmproduktion 

Produced: 2019      Format: HD

This series of documentaries tells the stories of five exceptional and fantastically beautiful landscapes. They represent role models for new approaches to nature conservation: working with people, not against them – that’s the maxim. Instead of banning inhabitants, businesses and tourists from these species-rich territories, some of the areas' natural resources are exploited – responsibly. And it's producing remarkably successful results! This five-part series about the fruitful collaboration... 

Producer: City Media TV 

Produced: 2014      Format: HD

Did Patrick Süskind have a true story in mind when composing his bestseller ‘Perfume: The Story of a Murderer’? This becomes one of the central questions of the documentary that tells the story of Giovanni Maria Farina. Farina was indeed the most famous perfume designer of the 18th century, the creator of ‘Eau de Cologne’ – once a unique fragrance, it has become a generic term for a certain type of perfumes. Farina’s client list was virtually the Who’s Who of the 18th and 19th centuries: Louis... 

Producer: Fact+Film, Oak3 films, MDA 

Produced: 2008      Format: HD

The season of tropical cyclones lasts from May to October. They pass northwards over Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea to Japan, leaving in their path incredible swaths of devastation, death, and billions of dollars worth of damage. These storms are highly unpredictable, as they can suddenly change direction for no apparent reason.

In December 1945, while attacking the Japanese main islands, modern American aircraft-carriers steamed right into heavy typhoons. A disaster that led the US Marine to set... 

Producer: Spalywood 

Produced: 2010      Format: HD

This documentary tells the history of a fabulous forest creation in the Peruvian Andes. The forest covers now 40,000ha and has strongly improved the communities' life conditions. It shows the collaboration between Peruvian visionaries and the Belgian development cooperation since 30 years.

The documentary gives hope showing events from the nursery worker through the tree cutter going to the private investor, from the mother at home through the industry boss to the environmental minister.... 

Producer: Marco Polo Film 

Produced: 2015      Format: HD

Have you ever wondered what polar bears do in the summer? Where they live when there is no ice? What they eat when they can’t hunt for seals? Do they suffer, do they thrive?

This film follows polar bears throughout a summer along Hudson Bay, unraveling the difficulties the animals face in their fight for survival at a time of plenty for all other denizens of the Arctic.

The Polar Bear is wonderfully well adapted for life in a frozen ice- and snow-covered environment. He thrives when he...