Producer: werwiewas 

Produced: 2016      Format: HD

Who owns the oceans? They are human heritage. But this could change soon. Countries with coastlines already claim huge portions of the sea. So far around 10%, absolutely legally. But this is just the beginning. Geologists are hired by those countries to prove their ownership. A scientific race has started. 'Ocean's Monopoly' is a crime-thriller starring a small group of geologists who help us to uncover the backgrounds in a global fight for territories. The results of their research decide who... 

Producer: Bildersturm 

Produced: 2012      Format: HD

They're charming, they lie without the slightest scruples and they are capable of manipulating their environment. Psychopaths murder and rape without regrets and can still come across as the nicest people in the world. But what is going on in their minds? That question that has been pondering neuroscientists and forensic psychiatrists to this day, is the topic of this film.
Evil fascinates us, as we can see from many examples in film, art and literature. It seems to be devoid of morals and... 

Producer: nautilusfilm GmbH – Natural History Germany 

Produced: 2019      Format: HD

Intact ecosystems provide the best defense against climate change! The ecosystem of a small creek is complex and diverse – the shocking reality is that in Central Europe only one in a thousand is still intact, today.

What happened to our streams and brooks? What does the future hold?

The film ‘One in a Thousand’ portrays the diverse wildlife inside and alongside a stream, explains the importance of this habitat and identifies the sources of its destruction. A blue-chip wildlife film that... 

Producer: berlin producers 

Produced: 2014      Format: HD

When the first news of Ebola went public in West Africa in March 2014, nobody anticipated the impact the epidemic would have in the following months. The German Medicine student Nicolas Aschoff became a direct witness of the outbreak and first lethal cases in Sierra Leone. At the same time Monrovia-based journalist Rennie Ledgerhood observed the rapid spread of the epidemic in Liberia. Many West Africans believe that Ebola is a lie and have to be convinced of its existence by social workers...