Producer: Marco Polo Film AG 

Produced: 2009      Format: HD

Madagascar is a country of marvels. Fantastic landscapes, bizarre flora and fauna, and people infused with a deep cultural and spiritual love for nature, which is shaped by animal legends, myths, taboos and ancestor worship.

Add to that the characteristically good temper of the inhabitants and it is little wonder that more and more ecotourists and independent travelers are being drawn to that fascinating island. 

Languages: English, German, French 

Magical Iceland

1 x 52'

Producer: nautilusfilm GmbH – Natural History Germany 

Produced: 2019      Format: HD + 4K

'Magical Iceland' explores the challenges and extraordinary strategies of some of Iceland’s most remarkable creatures. The film will reveal their lives on an island of extremes from a new, more intimate perspective and follow their struggles through the year. And we will gain a unique insight into the many faces of the island’s bizarre landscapes as they change colour through the seasons. How do animals survive in this harsh terrain? What does it take to live among glaciers, deserts and... 

Magical Oman

2 x 52'

Producer: Marco Polo Film 

Produced: 2018      Format: HD

The magic of the Orient is not a thing of the past – far from it. Even now, the Sultanate of Oman – legendary home of Sinbad the Sailor – seems like something straight out of 'Arabian Nights'. It's a country of exquisite extremes: barren desert and rough mountains meet lush green oases and a picturesque coastline. This is the land of incense, of camel races and Bedouins, traditional bazaars and mighty medieval castles – evidence of an eventful and significant trade history. Oman's climate is... 

Marco Polo Reloaded

4 x 52' or 5 x 43'

Producer: Along Mekong Productions 

Produced: 2011      Format: HD

Marco Polo Reloaded re-travels the Silk Road on the tracks of its most well-known voyager: the mediaeval traveler and writer Marco Polo.
Four road movie style-documentaries imagine the past and show today's reality, in countries like Turkey, Israel, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, the Central Asian Republics and China.

The films show what is happening if one re-travels Marco Polo's journey again, 700 years after him, his book in mind ("reloaded"), overland, by means of local transport, covering... 

Producer: Marco Polo Film 

Produced: 2019      Format: HD + 4K

Matsalu National Park at the Baltic Sea is known for being one of Europe’s most important stopover places for migrating birds. However, few know that an exceptionally large moose colony also lives here. For most of the year, these magnificent creatures roam the open marshes in great masses. The flooded wetlands lure the moose with ideal conditions: Rich food, good visibility and no human hunters. Our story about moose starts at the time when the yearlings are chased away from their mother... 

Producer: Altayfilm, Doclights 

Produced: 2017      Format: HD

The Roof of Africa is home to the last of the world’s Ethiopian Wolves. They inhabit a unique place, which rises 4.000 meters into the sky. Here, sun and rain clouds battle for supremacy, icy winds twist their way through the leathery leaves of lobelia, and when the night brings frost, there is nothing that reminds you of the Africa most commonly known.

This film tells the dramatic story of Megeti, a lone wolf who lost her pack and is suddenly left to fend for herself, wandering across the... 

Producer: Celluloid Fabrik 

Produced: 2017      Format: HD

For decades, drinking milk has symbolized a healthy diet. Nutritionists around the world still advise regular consumption of dairy products. But is milk really as healthy as has been promoted? Is it an essential product at all? Or should we best avoid it completely?

What we call milk has long stopped being the natural product that many people imagine. Microbiologists, milk experts, and doctors explain the difference between traditional and industrial milk production. Today, each... 

Producer: Text+Bild 

Produced: 2012      Format: HD

A forest that lives off fish, a white bear that is not a polar bear, and wolves that feed off the ocean… Canada’s Great Bear Rain Forest is a strange and pristine world, a land that time almost forgot.

The awe-inspiring northern coastline of British Columbia with its great fjords that rival those in Norway, is the habitat of numerous species and the scene for the amazing co-existence of wolves, ravens, salmon, bears and a mystical rainforest, whose lives are intricately intertwined…

Producer: Taglicht Media 

Produced: 2015      Format: HD

The documentary leads along the river bends of the Yellowstone National Park to unravel the mysterious disappearance of the elk. Once tens of thousands roamed the valleys, now fewer and fewer elk reach their winter grounds in the northern ranges. The film follows three researchers on their investigative journey to solve the Yellowstone puzzle: An elk biologist, a grizzly bear expert, and a specialist on the infamous lake trout – an invasive species to the National Park. With the help of...