5 x 26'

Producer: Berlin producers 

Produced: 2016      Format: HD

Languages: German, English, French 

Whether it’s making your own shoes, soap or urban gardening, this series travels all over Europe to discover the weird, wonderful and flourishing trend of ‘do it yourself’. We are meeting the most eccentric and creative characters from London, Marseille, Stockholm, Turin, Berlin, Istanbul, Thessaloniki, Belgrade, Bilbao and Ghent and help them DIY a new something every episode.

The series also questions our growing dependency on industrially mass produced goods and finds out how easy it is... 

Producer: Marquardt Medienproduktion 

Produced: 2014      Format: HD

Languages: English, German 

As a manatee, one has to be extremely unlucky to be given a name. The young Hamilton is a living example of this.

600 kilos of pure friendliness – a sea cow, or manatee, is not exactly a paragon of beauty. However, they are without doubt the friendliest giants that inhabit the crystal waters of Florida’s rivers and shores. They spend most of the daytime eating water plants. Females selflessly care for the young – of others as much as their own. Aggression is completely alien to these... 

Producer: Neue Celluloid Fabrik 

Produced: 2020      Format: HD

Languages: English, German, French 

Their lifestyle is considered ancient, but pastoralist people contribute in many ways to the preservation of ecosystems and to food security worldwide. Their way of life is one of the oldest we know of, yet from an ecological aspect it points towards the future.

In a five-part documentary series, Mark Michel and his team visit five pastoral communities around the world. Whether in Brandenburg in Germany, in the high mountains of Kyrgyzstan, the dry savannahs of Uganda, in the semi-deserts of... 

Producer: Taglicht Media 

Produced: 2005      Format: SD

Languages: English, German 

Adolf Hitler's megalomania knew no limits: from the very outbreak of war, his strategists were forging plans to attack the USA. The most daring of these plans involved German fighter planes crashing into Manhattan's skyscrapers as living bombs. Hitler understood the enormous symbolic power of Manhattan’s skyscrapers. He was convinced suicide bombing would have a devastating psychological impact on the American superpower and with this plan, the National Socialist regime hoped to turn the tide... 

Producer: Blue Planet Film 

Produced: 2013      Format: HD

Languages: English, German (43'), French (43') 

The Namib, one of the most hostile deserts on Earth. Without a firm survival strategy, no living soul will make it here. Yet, surprisingly, some species have adapted their lifestyles to these extreme conditions: chameleons, beetles, snakes and mammals are all at home here.

The film follows a family of desert elephants that has also adapted to this habitat. Their bigger ears, which allow cooling down more effectively, as well as wide feet for walking the loose sands, distinguish them from... 

Producer: Jürgen Eichinger Film 

Produced: 2018      Format: HD

Languages: English, German, French 

Birds of prey are symbols of power, speed and splendour. In fact, there are very few species in the animal kingdom that can be described in as many superlatives. Their amazing use of different senses, their incredible feats of flight as well as their multitude of different hunting strategies are simply astounding. Hawks, buzzards and eagles have conquered every habitat on earth - from the dry arid south, to the cool and moist river valleys, to the coasts of Norway, all the way up to the sparse...