Produced: 2017      Format: HD

More than 100,000 individuals will become victims of human tracking in Europe this year,most of them young women and children. 35 billion Euros are being made from trafficking and associated industries in Europe each year. How easy is it actually to “order” a child from another country? We follow leads inside the digital underworld (“darknet”), spend time with police posing as interested parties and speak with victims who have been able to find a new life with the help of organizations rescuing... 

Producer: Text + Bild Medienproduktion 

Produced: 2016      Format: HD

They’ve given up the wonderful art of flying. Or was it an art they never possessed? The brain structure and anatomy of flightless birds indicate that they descended from "flyers" – so, why don’t they fly? Often weighing around 200 kg, over 2 meters tall and capable of reaching speeds of 70 km / h – these runners have secrets!

The largest bird in the world lives (and runs around) in Africa: the ostrich. Its slightly smaller colleague, the emu, conquered Australia. And hanging out with him...